Exhibition statement:

I went to Stockholm last year and visited a tiny antique shop where I purchased a crystal from a four hundred year old chandelier.

While wandering through the city I took a photo through the crystal of a cathedral tower and the cloudy sky behind it. The result was a different world in which I felt at home. (Click here to view the photo)
My exhibition “Through Diamond Eyes” is about that view of the world I sometimes have, distorted yet beautiful.

Many of the paintings exhibited are dreams I've had or feelings I've experienced in the waking world which I've symbolised and distorted like dreams and crystals do.

The exhibition is accompanied by my short stop-motion film of the same title “Through Diamond Eyes”. The film is about a girl who's crystals are pieces of her soul - her inner eyes - and how they see the world as they embark on a kaleidoscopic-dreamlike journey.

Click here to see opening night photos.

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