NZ$ 700

I used to have pet bunny rabbits throughout my childhood and now living in an apartment which is not ideal for keeping animals I miss having pets so much! Everytime I get to pet a  cat or any other equally fluffy, warm animal I feel very happy! A while ago out of desparation for a pet I said "A cockroach would do. I'd keep it in a jar and stick jewels on its bum". Sadly (or luckily for the roaches that don't wanna be bedazzled) I haven't found a single one.
So this painting is about trying to make up for loved, lost things we had in the past and to what extent some people go (consciously or unconsciously) to find a substitute for it. The cockroach has shiny jewels to make up for the fluffyness of rabbits etc.
It could also stand for prettyfying ugly things (making the best out of a bad situation) or the opposite: trying to believe that things are good, not wanting to see the true dirty sides underneath.
It's a fine line.

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