Acrylics on Paper


Dream 1: Someone put a shark in the Danube. A diver was attacked and eaten. I watched the scene from under the water. Blood like clouds. Later the shark stranded and out of its mouth rolled the grey skull of the diver, without a single fiber of flesh on it, as if piranhas had been hiding inside the shark's tummy. Then it became winter and the Danube froze over. It snowed without end - this was Antarctica. Elisabeth (a childhood friend) came to visit to take part in the annual race along (not across) the snowy Danube with sleighs pulled by huskies.

Dream 2: It was the coldest winter in a decade. The temperatures fell so far below zero that even the big river froze over. Over and under too. The water froze around all the fish, forcing them to stop swimming. They were each trapped within their own little ice caves for seconds before they turned into ice themselves. A string of frozen bubbles inside the ice.  From the trees hung women's guts, tied to the branches - dripping with blood. Scarlet red drops in the snow and transparent glass marbles inside veins and arteries. The wooden tables in the park were covered with frost. I walked towards one. Under the table sat a girl. "Are you Elisabeth?" I asked. Instead of answering she showed me a photograph of the stranded shark and the diver's skull. "The Danube is wild" she said "especially in winter". I took her hand and we walked along the frozen river. There was no one. Just us and the snow. As evening came the snow took on a blue tint.

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