Acrylics on Paper


An old dream: Down in the cave the water is up to my knees. There's bathtub by the wall, which is the portal to the underwater world. I stand in it to be taken there. The underwater world is the same cave but entirely submerged in water. I collect shells and small fossilized fish which I find in the mouth of a swimming fish. Some of the fish around me have plants painted on them. Suddenly the water level drops and a tiled wet floor is revealed. I walk into the next room where the water has dropped as well, but there's wet sand on the ground in which I leave footprints. At the end of that room I see a wall made from water. The water is moving downward, like a waterfall. I look through the water and notice a brown piano standing there. It's pulsating like a heart. The sound waves it makes are visible in the water wall.

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