Inspired by the symbols that were present in dreams at the time, a little excerpt:

- Walking around an old museum with very tall glass windows and seeing someone who works there carrying an ancient bee hive. I look at it close up and slowly 2 bees crawl out of it. I quickly walk up the stairs because I'm scared of bees (I like them but got chased by a swarm & stung in the head as a child so the trauma never fully went away).
- Got lured into a water filled cave with a promise of dolphins but when I got into the water the dolphin-like creature changed into a huge red snake with an octopus head & sharp teeth in the round mouth underneath.
- I frequently ride horses in my dreams -  such a liberating feeling! They're usually either black or white, couldn't decide for one so I painted a spotty one :)
- Dreamt of a hedgehog family looking through the window after following one and staring him in the eye the evening before.
- And of course my childhood pet bunnies are present in my dreams a lot still... ♥

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